What’s an Amazon Dot

What is an Amazon Echo Dot?

“Can I plug my Amazon Echo into my beyotchin’ stereo system?”
“Why do you hate me, Amazon?”

So that conversation happened a million times (I’m prone to hyperbole) and BA-BOOM: The Amazon Dot was born unto mankind. Or something.

The Amazon Dot is an Amazon Echo without the speaker. You plug the Dot directly into another speaker or connect to the speakers via Bluetooth to play music and such. Unlike the Amazon Tap, the Amazon Dot has to be plugged into a power outlet.

Removal of the Benjamin
Getting rid of the speaker saves you about $100. The Amazon Dot retails for $49.99 (previously $89.99) where the Amazon Echo runs at $179.99.

The idea is to make the Amazon Dot affordable enough so one could purchase several and have them placed strategically throughout the home, office or tent city. (Assuming the tent city has power and good wi-fi.)

It’s an important point that the designers decided that the Echos & Dots do *not* communicate with each other. Doing that would create a rabbit hole that we don’t need. Having them as autonomous units makes sense – set a dot up in each room to control lights, get weather info, play music, etc. Having a “base station” is unnecessary. Good thinking, Amazon. I bet those meetings were, um, lively.

Amazon Echo Owners Only, please
As of this writing – March, 2016 – only Amazon Prime members who own a Fire TV or Amazon Echo can purchase an Amazon Dot. At some point, Amazon will offer up the Dot to the great unwashed, but who knows when that is going to happen. (An executive at Amazon, that’s who. Duh.)

My Amazon Dot won’t arrive until JUNE, but I’m fine. No, really. I’ll wait, Amazon. I’ll wait. I understand. You need time. I get it. I’m fine. Really.

Call me?


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