Amazon Echo’s newest wake word

Amazon Echo’s newest wake word on its five year mission to seek out new worlds… oh, wait… Sorry. Amazon Echo’s newest wake word is “Computer” as in… “Computer, set a course for home…” and we zoom in on Captain James Tiberius Kirk. This is more silly fun that the geniuses at Amazon have added. Give it a try: Go to your Alexa App and...
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Amazon Echo Listening

If you are prone to paranoia, the idea of the Amazon Echo listening in so it’s ready to respond at the drop of an “Alexa” or “Echo”, might be disconcerting. Convenience sometimes requires privacy. One must trust that your Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot or Amazon Tap listens for the wake word “Alexa”, “Echo” or “Amazon.” and your home...
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The Gassy Amazon Echo in action

Before the fun – Seriousness! When I encounter silly tech things, I always think of a friend of mine who was instrumental in making the internet ubiquitous. He pointed out the irony of the amount of work he and others did as programmers so we could watch videos of people getting kicked in the nuts and cats falling off tables. He wasn’t upset about it. Not at all. He thought it was a...
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