The Amazon Echo Show is here

If you think of cool gadgets that actually make life better, the last decade was dominated by Apple, The iPhone and the iPad. There was actual excitement at the prospect of their new products. People would watch Steve Jobs announce the new products. It feels like we are in a golden age of Amazon. It began with Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot & Amazon Tap and now the Amazon Echo Show is here. The...
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Amazon Echo Celebrity Alarm Voices & Repeating Alarms

It’s Alarming! Instead of setting a new alarm every day, you can now set one to repeat on your Amazon Echo and then pick from some celebrity voices and have an “Amazon Echo Celebrity Alarm!” Alec (thanks for the correction!!) Baldwin, Missy Elliot, Jason Schwartzman and Dan Marino were all kind enough to donate their time and record wake up messages for free. (hahaha yeah,...
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The Gassy Amazon Echo in action

Before the fun – Seriousness! When I encounter silly tech things, I always think of a friend of mine who was instrumental in making the internet ubiquitous. He pointed out the irony of the amount of work he and others did as programmers so we could watch videos of people getting kicked in the nuts and cats falling off tables. He wasn’t upset about it. Not at all. He thought it was a...
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