The Amazon Echo Killer is finally here

The Amazon Echo Killer is finally here! It’s called… The Amazon Tap! “The deuce you say,!?! How could possibly kill its own amazing product with another similar product?! You must be joking!” No, dear reader, I would not joke with you. Well… not about this. Nope. Here’s the dealio: The Amazon Tap now has a “hands free...
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Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot & Amazon Tap Decoded

Confused about the Amazon Tap, Amazon Dot & Amazon Echo The addition of the Amazon Tap & Amazon Echo Dot (or Amazon Dot) to join the Amazon Echo can be confusing to those of us who are confused by things like that. I’m going to try to make it all make sense, though you can take a gander at these articles: What’s an Amazon Dot?, What’s an Amazon Echo? or What’s...
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