The Gassy Amazon Echo in action

Before the fun – Seriousness! When I encounter silly tech things, I always think of a friend of mine who was instrumental in making the internet ubiquitous. He pointed out the irony of the amount of work he and others did as programmers so we could watch videos of people getting kicked in the nuts and cats falling off tables. He wasn’t upset about it. Not at all. He thought it was a...
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Make your Echo pass gas

Make your Amazon Echo fart “Alexa, ask for a fart!” is my son’s favorite thing to say to the Amazon Echo. Of course, it involves having the skill switched on and, come on… why wouldn’t you want to have the farting skill turned on. Channel your inner 13 year old boy. (Or, in my case, your inner 6 year old boy.) If you’ve forgotten how to turn on skills for...
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