Amazon Echo’s newest wake word

Amazon Echo’s newest wake word on its five year mission to seek out new worlds… oh, wait… Sorry.

Amazon Echo’s newest wake word is “Computer” as in… “Computer, set a course for home…” and we zoom in on Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

This is more silly fun that the geniuses at Amazon have added. Give it a try:
Go to your Alexa App and select “Settings”, then select the device you’re going to edit. (I’ve selected “Mighty Dot”)










Next, scroll down and select “Wake Word.”











That will give you the option of the previous two wake words “Alexa” and “Echo” as well as the super cool “Computer.”

The obvious drawback is similar to having an Amazon Echo device if someone in your household is named “Alexa” – Every time you say the word “Computer” your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot begins waiting for you to issue some command. If you’re in a room where you say “Computer” a lot, be prepared to hear Alexa say “Hmmm… I wasn’t able to understand the question I heard.” or some variation of that.

But, there are already fun Star Trek easter eggs.

Try one of these with your Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot:

“Computer, beam me up.”

“Computer, Tea, Earl Grey, hot.”

“Computer, set phasers to kill!”

It’s your turn. Boldly go and set your Amazon Echo‘s wake word to “Computer” and have a (phaser) blast!


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