Amazon Echo Listening

If you are prone to paranoia, the idea of the Amazon Echo listening in so it’s ready to respond at the drop of an “Alexa” or “Echo”, might be disconcerting. Convenience sometimes requires privacy. One must trust that your Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot or Amazon Tap listens for the wake word “Alexa”, “Echo” or “Amazon.” and your home isn’t being monitored by the NSA or some other subterfuge.

According to TechCrunch, your Amazon device may soon be speaking without a prompt. Don’t worry, it won’t say “that dress makes you look chunky, sweetheart” or “your blog about the Amazon Echo is stupid” or other helpful observations. Though, that might be a nice skill, the Amazon Echo device will merely be able to speak and signal push notifications.

For example, if you’ve used your Amazon Dot or Amazon Echo to get an Uber, the device will notify you of the Uber’s position. This could also be used for other deliveries… pizza, groceries, etc.

Sure, your every move is being tracked by your mobile phone, but no one’s listening in.

No… really.



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