The Amazon Echo Killer is finally here

The Amazon Echo Killer is finally here! It’s called… The Amazon Tap!

“The deuce you say,!?! How could possibly kill its own amazing product with another similar product?! You must be joking!”

No, dear reader, I would not joke with you. Well… not about this. Nope.

Here’s the dealio: The Amazon Tap now has a “hands free mode.” What does this mean? It means you can say to your Amazon Tap… the device that costs nearly 50 bucks less than the Amazon Echo “Alexa, ask for a fart!” just like the Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot. It functions basically the same as the Amazon Echo. That’s what this means.

The only difference is that the “wake word” on the Amazon Tap can only be “Alexa.” You can’t use “Computer” or “Echo” only “Alexa.” If you live in a house where someone is named “Alexa” then you might be screwed (or a google home customer). But, that seems like a small price to pay literally $49 for the hands free mode on your Amazon Tap.

The Amazon Tap has a 9 hour battery life. NINE HOURS! Some people have been pairing their device with their smart phone hotspot and taking their Taps along in their cars. Pretty cool, if you ask me. With the battery life of 9 hours, that is definitely do-able. Though, if you order a pizza or something, it will be delivered to your home, not where you are. Amazon isn’t tracking your location. Not yet, at least. Yes, Amazon is competing with Google (and winning, if you ask me) but not in the “scary overlord of doom” category.

To enable hands-free mode on your Amazon Tap, in the Alexa app:

  1. Open the left navigation panel, and then select Settings.
  2. Under Alexa Devices, select your Amazon Tap device.
  3. Select Hands-free Mode to toggle the hands free feature.

You can read about the cool “Computer” wake word here.


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