Amazon Echo is raining cats & dog jokes

At least 3 times a day, I’ll think to myself “I want to hear a dog joke!” or “If I were single, I’d have 11 cats and I would want to know cat jokes to tell the postman when he tries to avoid me.” Dog jokes and cat jokes are great and wonderful. Once again, your Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot or Amazon Tap can do something great and wonderful: Tell you cat and dog jokes on demand!

It’s not even a skill you need to install. You just say…

Alexa, tell me a dog joke.


Alexa, tell me a cat joke.

…and booya – you will be rolling on the floor with laughter and joy. (I exaggerate to clarify.)

Of course, there are more productive things to do with your Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot or Amazon Tap… what they are, I have no idea.

KIDDING – Here is a list from Amazon with all sorts of cool, fun and productive things to try.

We’re so happy with our Echo & Dot and we’re not alone: Others are so happy with their Dots, that Amazon has sold out of Dots. Good for them!

The one flaw with the jokes from the Amazon Echo that seems easy to correct would be to allow a little more space between the joke question and the joke answer. Right now, it’s like listening to a riddle from someone who is so bad at telling jokes that they blurt it all out as fast as they can. Alexa sounds like an insecure robot… a paranoid android, anyone?

Radiohead aside, it’s a minor glitch in an otherwise pointless and silly skill from some genius out there in the world.

Q: What do you call a cat that gets anything it wants?
A: Purrr-suasive.

Did you notice that I didn’t use any pun about “going to the dogs?”
Well, I didn’t. So there.


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