Amazon Echo Celebrity Alarm Voices & Repeating Alarms

It’s Alarming!

Instead of setting a new alarm every day, you can now set one to repeat on your Amazon Echo and then pick from some celebrity voices and have an “Amazon Echo Celebrity Alarm!”

Alec (thanks for the correction!!) Baldwin, Missy Elliot, Jason Schwartzman and Dan Marino were all kind enough to donate their time and record wake up messages for free. (hahaha yeah, right… free… hahahah)

Okay, so maybe they didn’t record them for free (or maybe they did?), but, once you own an Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap or Amazon Dot, you can get a nice wake up message from one of these fine folks.

Set an Amazon Echo Alarm

It’s fairly easy. Say “Alexa, set a repeating alarm for weekdays at 8:30am.” You can also check if you’ve done it correctly by saying “Alexa, what alarms do I have set?”

Change The Amazon Echo Alarm Voice

Once that love-fest is over, open up the Alexa App and tap the menu icon. You’ll see a list of options like this:

If you have more than one alarm set, tap on it to reveal the options. You can also change the time here. AM to PM – minutes, hours, etc. You get the idea. Clicking on Manage Alarm Volume And Default Sound will open the settings.

To the right of Alarm Default Sound is the name of the alarm sound and a “greater than” symbol. Click on that.


Emails from the project manager

Kapow! It’s a list of celebrity names and then sound names that I’m sure were the subject of many many many meetings and emails:
“Hey gang, please look over the list of 300 sound names and narrow them down to your favorite 20. We’ll go over each one next week with Lauren and Dax. Thanks!”
“Hey gang, it looks like we’re gonna go ahead and change “Gong” to “Adrift” after all. Thanks for a lively meeting. Jimmy, your Will Ferrell impression was fab! But seriously, everyone – I know that Jeff Bezos is personally interested in these sound names. Also, who is in charge of sending Alec Baldwin his Echo? Swing by my office if you are, his people have made me aware of some special instructions… Thanks!”


Back to your Amazon Echo How-To

Where was I?


Select Alec Baldwin and his dulcet tones will stir you from your slumber or whatever event you are alarming yourself for.

Amazon hasn’t said if they’re adding more celeb voices, but I’m betting they will.

Do try this at home!

If you’ve added one, let me know in the comments what’s it like waking up to Missy Elliot telling you to be a superstar every day?


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  1. Marvin Mallon

    I set my alarm to Baldwin’s voice but I still just get the chime I always had before. Does anything have to be reset to make my Echo recognize this change?

    • echoadmin

      Nothing needs to be set in the app, no, but… I’ve found that the celeb voices work when you set the alarm for a specific time, i.e. “Alexa, set an alarm for 7am.” as opposed to “Alexa, set an alarm in 30 minutes.”

      Please let me know if that helps.

  2. William Evdokimoff

    Donald Trump voice: Wake up. It’s time to read your daily fake news report. It’s not NICE!

  3. Hi – I have tried to set the Missy Elliot alarm sound for my daughter’s echo/ alarms which are set for specific times in the morning. It only plays the default alarm sound which doesn’t wake her up. Is there a solve for this?

  4. *Alec, not Adam Baldwin.

  5. all i get is celebrity- grand tour

  6. I have an echo dot and a spot and still can only get grand tour celeb wake up alarm

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