Amazon Dots are available on Groupon

If you’re bummed about having to wait until late January 2017 to pick up an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot, bum no more as Amazon Dots are available. Check out Groupon for Amazon Dots as well as Amazon Echos. (They should be on the main page. If not, do a search.)

You can also pick up a Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo on

Speaking of cool stuff… if you have a couple hundred extra bucks to drop, try the Bose Soundlink II Mini bluetooth speaker. From what I’ve read, it is a great fit with the Amazon Dot. Amazon used to bundle the two. I think they don’t now as there are no Amazon Dots available until the end of January. (See workaround above!)

That’s all. This is a quickie.

Rock on!


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  1. Amazon Echo is just amazing! Thanks & Keep posting..

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