Amazon Echo’s newest wake word

Amazon Echo’s newest wake word on its five year mission to seek out new worlds… oh, wait… Sorry. Amazon Echo’s newest wake word is “Computer” as in… “Computer, set a course for home…” and we zoom in on Captain James Tiberius Kirk. This is more silly fun that the geniuses at Amazon have added. Give it a try: Go to your Alexa App and...
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Amazon Dots are available on Groupon

If you’re bummed about having to wait until late January 2017 to pick up an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot, bum no more as Amazon Dots are available. Check out Groupon for Amazon Dots as well as Amazon Echos. (They should be on the main page. If not, do a search.) You can also pick up a Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo on Speaking of cool stuff… if you have a couple hundred...
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