Amazon Echo is raining cats & dog jokes

At least 3 times a day, I’ll think to myself “I want to hear a dog joke!” or “If I were single, I’d have 11 cats and I would want to know cat jokes to tell the postman when he tries to avoid me.” Dog jokes and cat jokes are great and wonderful. Once again, your Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot or Amazon Tap can do something great and wonderful: Tell you cat and dog...
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Big Nerds release videos

Big Nerds live on the smart side of life. If you’re a person who lives on the smart side of life (not me, thank you!), you might very well be interested in learning how to develop Alexa Skills. Here’s the one I would develop: “Alexa, without nagging, please get my son to brush his teeth better.” Here are the first two videos from Big Nerd Ranch showing us how to develop...
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