The Model T When I got online back in the stone age (1994), before cool things like IFTTT, the internet was text-based and one had to use Unix commands to do simple things like check email and search. When the World Wide Web began (different than “The Internet”) I had to get someone to help me hook up this thing I BOUGHT called a “NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR” to my Netcom account....
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Amazon Echo Celebrity Alarm Voices & Repeating Alarms

It’s Alarming! Instead of setting a new alarm every day, you can now set one to repeat on your Amazon Echo and then pick from some celebrity voices and have an “Amazon Echo Celebrity Alarm!” Alec (thanks for the correction!!) Baldwin, Missy Elliot, Jason Schwartzman and Dan Marino were all kind enough to donate their time and record wake up messages for free. (hahaha yeah,...
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